Vaping for Beginners

For people new to vaping, it can be very frustrating because of all the different kinds of materials on sale out there. There is so many choices but it’s hard to see what work best for you.

The best way to start is by making a list:

  1. What you are looking for?
  2. Are you looking to test the waters?
  3. Do you want to enjoy the flavor of the vape or just a normal amount?
  4. Is this for for your everyday usage?

Once you collected your answers for these questions then you can start searching for the best fit for you. For most people wanting to test the waters then the best solution out there is to buy the e cigarette starter kit. 


NJOY & HAUS Vape pens starter kits
NJOY & HAUS Vape pens starter kits

For example: This picture to the left. These are examples of cheap e cigarette starter kits that can be purchased at gas stations, tobacco stores, and supermarkets.


You can also buy starter vape kits at stores online like Amazon or eBay. The best thing to do is to google starter vape kits to see what type of vape kits are available for you. To be honest there is so much out there that it is hard for me to even begin. So don’t be afraid to start looking because you might find something that you might like.